Study and sports are two linked components of our learning process and will always be important for an individual. A healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body. It is rightly said that a healthy nation can be built if most of the citizens are physically fit. The mental pressure and tension arising out of the fast modern life can only be released in the play ground and there for healthy diet and fitness have gained a new status in today's world

         We conduct Annual Sports Meet at every academic year. Many trainees participated in every Meet. Selected trainees conduct inter ITI Sports Meet

The sports items listed below:


Sports Items for Men & Women

10000 Metre Race

05000 Metre Race

01500 Metre Race

00800 Metre Race

00400 Metre Race

00200 Metre Race

00100 Metre Race

4*400 Metre Relay

4*100 Metre Relay

Shot Put

Discuss Throw

Javelin Throw

Triple Jump

Long Jump


Games Items

Foot Ball for Men

Volley Ball for Men

Shuttle Batminton for Men & Women